• buttercup silver pendant
  • wax carving celtic dragon silver pendant
  • gold ring 3 in 1 trinity diamonds
  • moss agate silver forest scroll leaf pendant
  • copper decorative cross pendant
  • silver black wire scroll pendant
  • silver stargate glyph bangle etch
  • rhinestone silver earrings
  • gold scroll pearl ring
  • sterling silver gold opal diamond stack ring
  • sterling silver art noveau moth bangle andalusite

Welcome to Silver Song Jewellery

Greetings! I am a part-time jeweller and I have been crafting away since 2009. I mainly work in silver and draw my inspiration from the beauty of nature, specifically trees and leaves. I have a fascination with gemstones and I love to work with them. Most of my pieces are designed around specific gemstones.

This website serves as a gallery to showcase some of my work. Enjoy browsing through my website and I hope that you may find inspiration and love for all things jewellery here. If you like what you see, you are welcome to visit my store on Hello Pretty. You can also visit my facebook page dedicated to the love of jewellery, or my other facebook page where you can follow along with my art journey.

I am currently building a new website to combine all of my art adventures here


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