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Jewellery is a treasure. Regardless of the cost or material it is something personal and valuable, to be adored and admired. Concerning jewellery; I like to look at its beauty, to admire the workmanship and design of it, to buy it and to make it, to hoard it and to share it. I simply love all things about jewellery!

Ever since I can remember I have loved making pretty things, always drawing or constructing something. In primary school I got my hands on a large amount of aluminium wire and I started making jewellery and decorations with wire. I even made jewellery with wire and beads to sell at school fairs. At that age my skills were of course limited to very simplistic designs and the pieces I made only lasted as long as can be expected from pliable aluminium wire.

In high school I shifted my focus to sturdier materials and started dabbling in beading. I played around with all kinds of beading techniques, from a simple string of beads to woven bracelets with hundreds of seed beads in intricate patterns. This entertained me for quite some time but I still wasn’t satisfied with the outcome. I still wanted to learn more and to make jewellery that would be durable and lasting, as well as be timelessly fashionable.

When I went to university I had to decide whether I wanted to study jewellery making or physics. I ended up studying physics and today I am a reactor physicist and happy with my career choice. I decided to learn silversmith skills as a hobby. However, at university I got distracted by life, love and everything in between and I didn’t work on any new jewellery skills for some time. Finally, when I started working, I searched for a place where I could learn silversmith skills and continue feeding my infatuation with jewellery.

I found the perfect place! I started taking classes after hours at Novus Jewellery Design Studio, where I learned to design and manufacture silver and gold jewellery, and I loved it! Finally I could make the jewellery that I dream about. I have been making jewellery as a hobby since 2009 and I cannot see myself ever stopping. There are simply too many ideas and dreams floating through my head that I still want to see materialise.

I now have a basic workshop set up at home and I still go to the studio once a week after work. I prefer to construct pieces from start to finish and to work with sterling silver. Even so, I also work with copper, brass and gold. I design most of the pieces that I make but sometimes I replicate pictures that clients provide me with. However, it is far more gratifying to design, plan and create a piece of jewellery all by yourself than to repeat something already done by others.

This website serves as a gallery to showcase some of my work. Enjoy browsing through my website and I hope that you will find inspiration and a new love for all things jewellery here.


Suzanne Anél Groenewald

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