Three interlinked golden bands
  • gold ring 3 in 1 trinity diamonds
  • gold ring 3 in 1 trinity diamonds
  • gold ring 3 in 1 trinity diamonds

9ct yellow and rose gold

Individual rings: 3 x 1 mm wire
Ring inner diameter: 17 mm

This trinity or Russian wedding ring was my first encounter with gold. A friend of mine gave me a rose gold wedding band that belonged to her father and a yellow gold engagement ring and wedding band that belonged to her mother. They gave her the rings after their divorce. She wanted me to make her a new ring with gold from all three old rings and some of the diamonds from the engagement ring.

I was very excited to finally have the opportunity to work in gold! I started work on the ring immediately and soon learnt that 9ct gold is not very easy to work with… All the impurities in 9ct gold makes this metal very hard, much harder than sterling silver, and everything takes longer to do because of this. So even though I have made two silver trinity rings before this one, it was quite a struggle to make this ring. But as I polished the ring in the end and saw the brilliant warm golden glow it gave off I knew that it was worth the struggle and that I would gladly work with gold again.

This ring consists of one rose gold and two yellow gold bands that are interlinked. Ten small diamonds are set into one of the yellow gold bands, allowing only 3 or 4 diamonds to be seen at any time when the ring is worn. The bands can move and rotate freely which means that this ring never looks the same on one’s finger.

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