Agate beads

Necklace of stunning agate beads
  • agate gemstone bead chain
  • agate gemstone bead chain
  • agate gemstone bead chain

Botswana agate and base metal

Length: 760 mm
Bead diameter: 7 mm

I have been looking for proper gemstone beads for a very long time now and was delighted to find this stunning string of agate beads in a rock and mineral shop. These beads are beautifully polished and have large enough holes (just over 0.8 mm) so that you can fit a wire with a decent thickness through them. As can be seen from the photos, these beads are really stunning, with lots internal detail and different colours to them.

The beads were threaded one each onto a base metal pin with a loop on one end. The wire was then cut to length and another loop was made at the other end. After all the links were made, they were linked together to create the chain.

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