A shard of rainbow

A mesmerising pendant for any occasion
  • silver rainbow labradorite pendant
  • silver rainbow labradorite pendant
  • silver rainbow labradorite pendant

Sterling silver and labradorite

43 x 30 cm

One of my friends found this spectacular tumbled labradorite stone and bought it for me. I instantly fell in love with it and knew I had to use it in a pendant. I was quite intimidated with the task because this stone isn’t a cabochon but rather a freeform pebble shaped stone. How to set a stone that doesn’t have a front or back side?

I decided to create a sleeve to hold the stone thereby displaying both sides of the stone. This way most of this beautiful stone can be seen and admired. My plan worked out perfectly and this has become one of my favourite pendants. Because it is such a simplistic design this pendant can be worn with any casual outfit. However it also looks stunning with a fancy outfit because of its spectacular display of colour.

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