Viking knit bracelet

A bracelet woven with silver wire
  • viking knit woven silver bracelet
  • viking knit woven silver bracelet

Fine silver

Length: 205 mm
Tube diameter: 4.5 mm

Have you ever done spool knitting? Well this bracelet was made in much the same way. I don’t know why the technique is called Viking knitting but I like the term so I will use it.

This bracelet was made from thin fine silver wire, knitted in much the same way as you would do in spool knitting. Fine silver was used instead of sterling silver because it is more pliable and easier to work with. It is quite fun to make a bracelet like this but be warned that it takes a long time.

Once the desired length was achieved the wire tube was drawn through consecutively smaller holes in a drawplate, to compact the weave and create the tight knitted pattern that you can see in the images.  End caps were soldered in place and to finish the piece off the whole bracelet was oxidised and polished again.

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